PSE shooter and technical schools are where you go to become a world-class archery champion under the tutelage of PSE’s Master Coach, Alexander Kirillov. The coach of numerous international and national champions, Alexander’s techniques will prepare you with the shooting technique, mental discipline, and equipment tuning you need to win!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from a world-class coach for both recurve and compound bows. Alexander’s techniques and training don’t just produce better shooters, they produce NATIONAL and WORLD CHAMPIONS! Training is available for Archers, Coaches, and Pro-Shops.

PSE offers both shooting and technical schools in Tucson, AZ, to cover all aspects of archery. These schools are designed for ALL archers from beginners to pro-level shooters, both kids and adults. They are also designed for coaches and pro shop owners.

The first of these is a two-day shooter school for both compound and recurve archers. The second school is a one-day technical school. For those who choose to participate in both schools, an instructor’s certification test will also be offered.

The shooters school will cover aspects that will be beneficial to both compound and recurve archers. The agenda will consist of the proper way to shoot a bow, back tension, bow tuning, what it takes to shoot high scores, and building tournament confidence. For compound we will also cover how to use your body for consistent shot execution, “Holding Steady”, shot control, the solution to “punching the trigger” and target panic, as well as how to properly shoot different types of release aids. For recurve archers, we will cover how to properly pull through the clicker and what it takes to be a 1300 shooter and much more. To top all of this off, your shot will also be analyzed using the latest video analysis software from Dartfish. Every archer will be videotaped and then analyzed using this program. This allows us to catch all aspects of your shot allowing us to see mistakes in slow motion from multiple angles so that we can efficiently correct it.

The technical school will cover everything you need to know to be successful running your Pro Shop, archery classes, or to simply be a better self-reliant archer. We will teach how to properly build different bows from the parts up. This will include different cams, such as two cams, hybrid, one cam, and split limbs with PSE X-Technology. Also, how to properly set up the bow including how to make string serving, tying the string loops, installing peeps, string silencers and more. Once the bows are built properly we will cover the following: proper limb and cam alignment, wheel timing, how to find the center shot, arrow selection, super tuning and much more. As a bonus we will have one of our technicians on site to assist and answer all of your questions. You will also have the opportunity to submit questions to the engineering staff.

All participants will get (up to) three certificates for the schools attended, including Shooter Certificate, Technical Certificate, and Instructor Certificate, all signed by PSE President Pete Shepley and Master Coach Alexander Kirillov.


  • December 1-3


  • January 12-14
  • February 23-25
  • March 30-April 1


  • Video Taping of Each Student
  • Using Dartfish Software for Video Analysis
  • Proper Shot Execution
  • Back Tension
  • How to Shoot Different Types of Release Aids
  • How to Control Your Shot
  • Holding Steady
  • The Solution to Punching the Trigger
  • How to Beat Target Panic
  • Mental Preparation
  • Building Tournament Confidence
  • The Secret of Pulling Through the Clicker
  • What it Takes to Shoot a 1300 FITA Round for Recurve
  • How to Bare Shaft Tune
  • How to Super Tune
  • Limb and Cam Alignment
  • Cam and Wheel Timing
  • Center Shot
  • Arrow Selection
  • How to Properly Use Bow Presses
  • How to Make String Serving
  • Tying the String Loops
  • Installing Peeps and String Silencers
  • And Much More


  • Shooters School: $500
  • Technical School: $250

The first two days in each session, Thursday and Friday, are for shooting school. The third day, Saturday, is for technical school. Individual schools may be taken separately


If you are interested, please contact Alexander Kirillov at 520-594-5165 to make a reservation. Please specify the time slot you would prefer. Space is limited. Please let Alexander know ASAP.

Click here to e-mail Alexander.

Jennifer Nichols, Three-Time Olympic Archer with Alexander Kirillov, Three-Time National Coach of the Year

Alexander Kirillov, Three-Time National Coach of the Year, at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.