PSE celebrates 50 years of building industry-leading bows by forging a major partnership with world-class archer, educator and influencer, John Dudley of NOCK ON® Archery. PSE and Dudley will work closely on the new developments of specific, innovative new products for both the PSE and NOCK ON® Archery brands. Pete Shepley’s vision is to unite his talented PSE team with the archery development efforts of Dudley and NOCK ON® Archery to solidify his lifelong pursuit of building the most advanced bows in World and growing the sport of archery.

Pete Shepley, founder of PSE, boldly stated, “We promised the PSE Nation that we had huge things planned for 2020 and partnering with John Dudley and the NOCK ON® brand proves it. Not only is Dudley one of the most talented archers and bowhunters in the world, but his ability to educate and advocate for archery and bowhunting is second to none. He brings a wealth of technical knowledge and in-the-field, practical experience along with a community that loves seeing him share his experiences. I can promise you, we’ve got some big things we are working on and I can’t wait to introduce them to archers and bowhunters everywhere. But — this is just the beginning.”

John Dudley’s resume is packed with more than three decades of competition on professional tournament circuits while working as an industry-leading consultant for many top-level archery brands. John was a world-class member of Team USA where he won individual and team medals for US Archery while continuing to educate at the highest levels in archery across the globe through articles and video content. He enjoys sharing his extensive archery and bowhunting knowledge as a public speaker while having amazing success as a hunter.

John host the world-renowned NOCK ON® Podcast focusing on teaching the NOCK ON® Nation followers. He has appeared on many of the world’s most-watched shows, podcasts and documentaries, as well as his very own NOCK ON® media platforms. Dudley’s continual drive is sharing all his knowledge in order to help his loyal NOCK ON® Nation community improve, while promoting ethics, clean eating and physical fitness.

“I’m truly humbled for the opportunity to work so closely with such an iconic industry leader and brand,” stated Dudley. “My life’s goal is to grow archery to the highest capacity possible. I know this is also a dream of Pete Shepley and the reason why I knew this partnership is so valuable to everyone enjoying our sport. My very first bow was a PSE and shooting those bows through my teenage years carved out my heart for archery. I am honored to get back to my roots and I’m 100% committed and excited to work with the PSE team to bring bowhunters and target archers around the world an even higher level of product, knowledge and archery experience.”

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