PSE Introduces a New Way to Buy Bows —
Seven New Bow Lines Will Enhance, Simplify and Personalize Buyer Experience.

PSE Archery is known as the innovator of bow technologies. Now, PSE has innovated the buying process by developing a new way to purchase bows.

This all-new, innovative bow-buying experience centers on the establishment of seven separate PSE bow lines: Vapor, Evolve, Adapt, Target, Crossbow, Madfish, and Heritage. Each line has its own primary focus to help guide consumers toward the right bow with ease and understanding. The advantages are two-sided: The lines provide dealers with a solid starting point to engage and assist consumers, and customers feel less bombarded and more focused on options that fit their needs.

The collections are a direct response to the fact that every consumer has different goals in mind when they look to buy a bow.

“We realize that being an industry leader is not just about developing quality products, but providing a quality experience,” said Blake Shelby, PSE Archery Vice President. “These bow lines simplify the often complicated bow-buying process by aligning consumers with bows based on their personal shooting style. It’s an easier, more effective experience.”

The Vapor line offers top speeds, power, and performance. The Evolve line is intended for archers seeking effectiveness and comfort. Bows within the Adapt line focus on adjustability and a “grow with you” mentality. The Target line includes bows centered on high performance and consistent accuracy.

The Crossbow line offers a stellar selection of crossbows, while the Madfish line features bows specifically used for bowfishing. As a callback to the history of the original bow design, the Heritage line focuses on traditional longbows.

Individuals from PSE’s Pro Staff will identify with a specific bow line and serve as the face of that line. Consumers are encouraged to visit and complete a questionnaire to find out what kind of shooter they are and share their results on social media.

For more information about PSE and the new bow lines, visit