Team PSE Shooter Profile: Lewis Homes III
Bow: PSE Evolve 35

1. How did you get into archery?
My family always hunted, and my dad shot in local tournaments and stuff. After starting strong, I went through a big lull of shooting where I didn’t shoot a whole lot, but then I got back into it to see if I could hang with the best in the world. Showed up to my first event as an amateur and won, and it just went from there.

2. Why do you shoot PSE?
I’ve shot PSE for pretty much my entire life. Nearly every accomplishment in archery has been with a PSE. My local PSE dealer is a good friend of mine, so that’s where it started.

3. What’s your favorite thing about bowhunting?
The way it makes you feel when you accomplish your goal of harvesting an animal or shooting a big, stinky fish. Before I started competing in archery tournaments, I was heavily involved in bowfishing. It’s just a really satisfying activity.

4. Do you prefer indoor tournaments, Field Archery or 3D?
All of the above. What I like about indoor is that it’s a perfection game. It doesn’t matter if it’s today or 20 years from now, you have to shoot a perfect score to win. The ability to control your nerves just adds to the experience. On the other extreme, I love the laid back nature of 3D, its one extreme to the next. 3D is just great fun and is a huge game of strategy. I like both equally.

5. What’s your proudest moment as a competitive archer?
My proudest moment is actually in bowfishing. I won our state bowfishing championship solo. I just really wanted to show people I could do it.

6. What advice would you give other competitive archers just starting out?
Don’t worry about a missed arrow. If you worry about the bad shots, more bad shots come. If you worry about the good shots, more good shots come.

7. What are your goals for the next five years of competition?
I take competition one day at a time, one tournament at a time. My goal is to make five years of good shots.

8. What makes the PSE brand unique in your opinion?
Everybody at PSE, including Pete Shepley himself, doesn’t just want the sport of archery to get better, they want the tools we use to get better. Not just for PSE, but for the entire industry.

There is no better advocate of archery out there than PSE.