Shooter: Savannah Vanderwier

Bow:  Supra EXT – Shooting PSE: 2 years

1. How did you get into archery?

I got into archery because my dad was into bowhunting. When we moved to our town, the local 4H club wanted my dad’s help with their archery program. My sister and I tagged along just for fun and that’s when I started shooting. The first thing I noticed was that I could beat the boys, which I loved. They all told me I could never outshoot them with my little pink bow, but I would whoop them.

After that, I did a lot of 4H competition. At a state 4H shoot, a local coach saw me shoot and told me I really needed to get into competitive archery, so I got my first target bow (a PSE Supra Max) and started doing NFAA shoots, etc.

2. Why do you shoot PSE?

I just love the bows. They’ve got a super smooth draw, which I really like. I have really hard stops on my Supra right now, and the grip is great. They shoot really, really well, and I feel comfortable and confident with them. I know if I’m shooting well, the bow’s going to put it in the middle.

  1. Do you prefer indoor tournaments, Field Archery or 3D?

I prefer target and field. Field is what I love the most, then it would be target and indoor. I’m considering doing Known 3D because it’s a lot like field. Indoor isn’t really my preference, but I’m doing well at it, so I’m going to stick with it even though I prefer to be outside.

  1. What’s your proudest moment as a competitive archer?

Making the USA field team that went to Ireland and going into the gold medal match with my best friend. Just the chance to represent Team USA and knowing in my heart that we were going to win was an unbelievable experience. Going to Vegas for the first time and winning it was also a proud moment.

  1. What advice would you give other competitive archers just starting out?

Practice a lot. Have fun. Listen to your coach. Make friends. Don’t be stubborn. Archery is not what defines you…if you don’t win a tournament, that’s okay. For me, I know archery doesn’t define me. I’m a child of God and an archery victory is just what’s given.

  1. What are your goals for the next five years of competition?

For this year, I want to be part of the Youth World Championship team, and then Field next year. I’m going to make as many of those teams as possible. I really want to try ASA competition and also want to score an invite to the Field Archery Pro Series. That’s insane and looks like a lot of fun.

  1. What makes the PSE brand unique in your opinion?

PSE feels like family. You don’t feel like you are just a nameless customer. Any contact we’ve ever had with PSE, they help us out a ton. It just feels like a big family, and you can tell they care.